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Rare Grapes: Vernatsch (aka Schiava Grossa or Trollinger)

Vernatsch! It's a grape not an explative! Vernatsh is called Vernatsch exclusively in the Südtirol/Alto Adige region of Northern Italy: a mountainous, predominately german-speaking region with a long history of being caught in the middle of state on state tug of war. Not until 1972 did the region officially resolve its independence dispute in which it was granted virtual self-governance. To people outside of Südtirol, vernatsch is called Schiava, Schiava Grossa, Bressana (Lombardia) or Trollinger (Germany). Vernatsch from the Südtirol produces light, perfumed and fruity wines with hints of almond and very light tannins.

The Vernatsch we carry at The Rose is from the producer Baron Widmann whose family has been making wine in the same basement cellar of their country home since 1824. Those who visit the winery say production feels more like a hobbiest making wine in the basement than a commercial operation.

The vineyards sit on steep slopes at over 2,000 ft above sea level and The Baron Andreas Widmann tends them himself. You should come in and enjoy this wine crafted by nobility and poured into a bottle sporting a family crest complete with a lion, eagle/phoenix and crown! It goes down smooth with notes of alpine herbs and a violet nose. Pair it with our cheese and salumi plate and you've got a recipe for a good evening :)

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