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Bloggers and Bottles.

Today we are introducing two things: The Rose Blog and The Rose Wine Club. The two go hand in hand as we will use this blog to tell you about our wine club offerings and other programming so you can get appropriately stoked and join in on the fun.

What Kind of wine will the The Rose Wine Club feature?

We here at The Rose are dedicated to wines with stories to tell about the place and people who make them. That being said, we will seek to feature wines each month with the following characteristics: wines made from organically grown grapes, wines made with native grapes, wines made with minimal additives, and wines which take advantage of ambient ("native") yeasts.

Why join this wine club?

By joining The Rose Wine Club you will receive two (or four) carefully-selected bottles a month, you will also enjoy $4 tickets (normally $10) to our monthly Monday tastings, special member discounts and priority access to other Rose events. You should also join this wine club if you want to try new and fun wines, enjoy listening to Chelsea wax poetic on obscure grapes, or want to talk about and drink wine with your neighbors.

How much does the wine club cost?

The wine club is going to run you $38 a month: you can buy months in advance and get a little discount, you can buy one at a time, and you also have a choice: you can go domestic or international: if you choose domestic, look forward to 2 bottles of West-Coast Centric wine. If you choose international, you'll receive two bottles of wine from all over the globe. Helpful hint: if you want to enjoy both, give us $75 and we'll get you all four bottles ;)

How do I sign up?

Visit our online shop to buy your membership

When does the club drop and how do I get my bottles?

Visit us at The Rose the 2nd Monday of every month for The Rose Wine Club release party. For $4 ($10 for everyone else) you can taste the wines you'll be taking home, get pairing suggestions and occasionally meet the winemakers. If you can't make it to the 2nd Monday release with us, we'll hold on to your bottles until you come pick them up (though we would love it if you made it to visit us by the end of the week).


Chelsea, Rae and Ro

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